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Adding or Modifying Unimod Records

The person who creates a new modification record becomes the curator of that record. A record can only be modified by its curator or an administrator. To add a record, you must register and log in. The process is fully automatic. It is essential to supply a valid email address, which will not be revealed to other users.

Before creating a new record, search carefully to make sure the modification you plan to add is not already present in Unimod. If you simply want to add a new specificity to an existing modification, do not create a new record. Instead, email a change request to unimod@unimod.org.

If you create one or more records, you may be the recipient of change requests from an adminstrator. Curators should deal with change requests promptly and reasonably.

Please take care not to leave inaccurate or incomplete records behind. You can always search on your username to find the records you are responsible for.

Oh ... and thank you for your contribution.